Case Study: Mine Shaft Elevator


Customer Location: Provo, Utah, USA

Scenario: Customer took over an old mining operation and needed to move people and equipment on the same mine shaft elevator in order to increase productivity.

  1.  The shaft was currently 400ft deep, but they needed it as deep as 650ft
  2.  New mine shaft elevator winch needed to lift/lower people and equipment down the 650ft mineshaft
  3.  They did not have enough compressed air to run a pneumatic winch

Solution: Custom Man Rider™ 

  • Our engineering team designed a custom man-rider™ FE5i-MR winch with VFD (variable frequency drive)
  • Encoder on the motor to read out speed
  • Push-button controls on the panel
  • With freezing temperatures in the winter, the engineers decided to pursue electric over pneumatic controls


Do you need a customized winch for your mining operations? Let Ingersoll Rand customize pulling and lifting equipment like the Man Rider™ winch for you today.