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Reducing the torque reaction in your fastening process doesn't have to be complicated. Control and ergonomics, not compromise - that is what the QX ETS is all about. The QX ETS offers all the capabilities found in the QX Series™ platform, without the torque reaction.

SIMPLE SETUP: In addition to standard direct drive mode, each tool configuration can be independently programmed to utilize one of the three available single-parameter ETS modes, simplifying setup.

ERGONOMIC MODE: Lowest energy pulses; ideal for hard joints or when arm, wrist or tool angles are most difficult.

PERFORMANCE MODE: Medium energy pulses; is the best all-purpose mode.

PRODUCTIVITY MODE: Highest energy pulses, is the fastest mode. Ideal for soft joints or when high production rates are required.

  • Ergonomically enhanced motor control algorithm significantly reduces the average force experienced by the operator during the tightening process
  • Red tool highlights provide clear indication of ETS tool identity vs standard QX tool
  • Continuously flashing blue light above keypad provides operator assurance that ETS is ACTIVE
  • All the capability of the QX platform, without the torque reaction
  • Common software and battery platform for simple integration
  • QXN, QXC and QXX versions available in pistol grip, low torque angle and high torque angle
  • Onboard ‘pulse’ counter supports proper optimization and application of ETS tools on ideal applications (10 pulses or less per cycle)

Now available: 3 new models enabling up to 24 Nm maximum torque output in a pistol grip configuration: QXN2PT24ES6, QXC2PT24ES6, & QXC2PT24ES6!  See the product pages and attachments for more information.