Ingersoll Rand QX Series Torque Multipliers

The innovative QX Series™ Cordless Torque Multiplier will reduce your bolting time and cost, while ensuring repeatable accuracy for all torque-critical joints. Designed with a premium gearbox and an efficient, time-tested closed-loop transducer, the Torque Multiplier offers proven quality, control and programmable configurations to maximize your productivity.


Why choose QX Series Cordlesss Multipliers?

Ingersoll Rand’s closed-loop transducer control at the heart of the tool delivers precise torque and accurate, traceable results—it’s precision where you need it most

  • A multi-function display module allowing for quick setup and feedback on every QX Series™ tool
  • User-programmable configurations such as torque, angle and gang count that reduce the number of tools needed for multiple applications
  • Cordless and compact, the QX Series™ Torque Multiplier allows operators to move freely without the need of bulky air or hydraulic hoses, compressors, generators or powerpacks
  • Tethering points to safely secure the tools
  • USB standard, wireless communication optional
  • Data management, process control and the ability to adjust tool configurations (Ethernet, fieldbus and I/O capable)
  • Fast programming that makes the tool adaptable to multiple applications
  • Cordless and portable to allow operators to move freely around any workplace or environment
  • HAZ TOOL Class 1 Division 2 option available
  • Available in either pistol or angle configurations

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Complete Bolting Solutions

From pipeline flange bolts to truck frame assembly, Ingersoll Rand Torque Multipliers have the range, accuracy and configurations to tackle any bolting need. Sharing the same IQV Series™ power platform with our industrial cordless and QX Series assembly tools, the Torque Multiplier expands our broad range of cordless bolting solutions.