Simple, Flexible, Capable

We believe that understanding and taking total control of your fastening process doesn’t have to be complicated.  The INSIGHTqc controller is different, by design.  


  • Intuitive visual programming interface
  • Plug & Play Accessories and Protocols
  • Integrated Backup & Recovery


  • Web Based Programming- use any operating system via any browser
  • Meets current industry communication needs
  • Adjustable to meet any tightening control requirements


  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Industry leading cycle data storage
  • Robust audit and system logs

The INSIGHTqc controller is designed to be easy to use, easy to integrate, and provide a common platform to meet the global assembly needs of our customers. INSIGHTqc will provide you simple intuitive touch screen use, web-based programming, quick backup and restore, secure access setting, while offering you simple & advanced tightening control for your production line.

Bottom line, the INSIGHTqc controller is a Simply Insightful solution.

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Simple Capability. Simply Insightful.

Understanding and taking total control of your fastening process doesn't have to be complicated. The INSIGHTqc controller provides a solution that is different by design. Simple. Flexible. Capable.