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The recommended wire gauge for service power on a small reciprocating compressor (7-15 HP)?

DISCLAIMER: The following information is a general guideline only. All electrical work should be completed by a licensed electrician and in compliance with local, state, and federal code.

The electrical wiring between the power supply and electric motor varies according to motor horsepower and other factors. Install adequately sized power leads to protect against excessive voltage drop during start-up. Refer to the National Electric Code (NEC) for information on selecting proper wire size and securing electrical connections. If you connect additional electrical equipment to the same circuit, consider the total electrical load when selecting the proper wire size. DO NOT UNDERSIZE THE WIRE.

If wire size information is not available, the wire sizes shown in the following wire selection chart can be used as a safe guide, if the distance does not exceed 50 feet (15.3m). For longer distances, consult an electrical contractor or the local electric company for recommendations.

Wire Set up - Recip

Wire sizes shown in American Wire Gauge (AWG) and British Imperial Standard Wire Gauge (SWG)