Name: Arantzazu Salgado

Job Title: Territory Sales Manager LAC

Physical Location: Spain

Years with the Company: 9



Arantzazu Salgado Ruiseco's journey began with a bachelor's degree in economics and international markets. Building on this foundation, she pursued an Executive MBA from the University of Greenwich. Her voyage with Ingersoll Rand started with a 3-month work experience at EMCO WHEATON, leading her through various roles within the organization. From internal sales coordinator and inside sales representative to a price analyst, Arantzazu has evolved into her current role as the Territory Sales Manager.

Arantzazu's primary area of expertise lies in sales and international trade. Her proactive approach is dedicated to finding solutions for customer problems with the highest standard of service. She emphasizes that differentiating themselves not only with quality products but also with unwavering support is crucial for maintaining long-lasting relationships with key partners and customers—acknowledging them as the core of their business.

Arantzazu finds motivation in the satisfaction of customers, knowing that their efforts as a team have resulted in happy and content partners. Her drive stems from acquiring new knowledge and a continuous commitment to personal and professional development.

Outside of work, Arantzazu is an outdoor enthusiast who loves being surrounded by nature. Whether trekking or strolling, she seeks fresh air and embraces the rejuvenating power of the outdoors. A strong advocate for family and friendships, Arantzazu enjoys spending quality time with loved ones. Her passion for travel is fueled by the desire to broaden her mind, understanding different points of view, and embracing the diversity the world offers.

In conclusion, Arantzazu Salgado's journey exemplifies a dedication to excellence in sales and a genuine appreciation for relationships. Let's celebrate her commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous growth!

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