Preventive Maintenance Services

Reliability, optimized utilization and uptime of equipment are key elements in the manufacturing process. As an owner of state-of-the-art compressed air equipment, you expect nothing less. In order to take good care of your compressed air system throughout its entire lifecycle, you need to perform planned preventive maintenance at prescribed service intervals. Backed by certified service professionals, Ingersoll Rand can help you implement a regular service routine that includes a full inspection using diagnostic tools to help identify ways to improve efficiency and reliability, while reducing downtime.


  • Equipment and general system inspection, including scheduled air leak checks, filter cleaning and system component inspections minimize downtime

  • Electrical, mechanical and control system diagnostics uncover the root cause to ongoing issues and extend product life

  • Equipment assessments address system inefficiencies with a customized assessment tailored to your facility's needs

  • CARE maintenance service programs, from total protection to parts and services coverage eliminate future problems

  • Lubricant and consumable component replacement per manufacturer’s instructions keep your system operating efficiently