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In association with GHH Rand OEM Solutions

As you may have noticed, Gardner Denver and Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technologies merged in March. For Tamrotor, this doesn’t cause any changes: We will have the same people and our factory will stay in Tampere.

Tamrotor Tempest OEM compressors

What is an OEM compressor and who is it for?

Wherever there is industrial activity, compressed air is usually needed. Although electric actuators have replaced the traditional pneumatic applications in some cases, there are and always will be new applications for compressed air (such as in fish farming).

champion family

The Heart of Champion Screw Compressors

This year will be a busy year for Champion, with the new FM series of 90-132 kW rotary screw compressors being launched.

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What Are the Basic Reciprocating Air Compressor Components?

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Air Compressor for Sale

Air Compressor Water Separators

What Is an Air End And Who Is It For?

Air ends are needed by compressor and compressed air system manufacturers. There are several different kinds of technologies to produce pressured air, for example reciprocating (=piston), membrane, vane, z-screw, liquid-ring, and turbo –compressors.

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How Compressed Air Piping Can Put the Pinch on Your System Efficiency

For companies that need to add compressed air piping for an expansion or new production equipment, designing the piping structure is critical to overall system efficiency and reliability. While most designers look at variable-speed drive (VSD) compressors or controls to enhance system efficiency, piping remains an important contributor to system optimization. Piping makeovers can contribut...