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Centrifugal Compressors

Used for Fuel gas boosting, Natural gas gathering, LNG liquefaction, NGL fractionation

  • We offer high-quality oils compatible with all of our air compressor solutions
  • Trust Ingersoll Rand for expert guidance and advice to help you decide the best-suited oil for your compressor
  • OEM grade oils to protect your investment


The type of oil your compressor requires varies massively depending on the type of system you have, which is why understanding the different types of oils that may work best for your solution is so integral. At Ingersoll Rand, our service doesn't stop with our compressor systems; we also have a team of experts to offer advice and guidance on the best-suited oils for your particular needs and equipment. 




Which oil is best suited to your compressor?

Contact-Cooled Rotary Screw Compressors and Oil-Free Units (Sierra and Nirvana)

For any of these systems, we would highly recommend either our Ultra EL or Ultra Coolant lubricants. Our Ultra EL oil is an advanced synthetic lubricant designed to perform up to twice as long as other rotary lubricants, ensuring you can achieve optimum performance from your compressors whilst minimizing downtime; it's also our longest-lasting oil, boasting a life cycle of 3 years. Even at the highest temperatures, our Ultra Coolant oil is engineered to achieve peak compressor efficiency. In addition, unlike typical petroleum coolants, our Ultra Coolant offers high thermal conductivity to extend compressor life and improve performance.


Rotary Screw Compressors for Food Grade Applications

At Ingersoll Rand, we understand the importance in the food and beverage industry of finding an oil lubricant that is designed specifically to meet production quality standards and requirements. Our Ultra FG is a high-quality H1 and NSF certified food grade lubricant created to eliminate the risk of contamination and ensure a sterile working environment - allowing you peace of mind at every stage of your operation.


Large Reciprocating Compressors

For our large reciprocating compressors, we recommend our XL-700 oil as it is used for break-in operation in lubricators and crankcases for all of these systems. In addition, it’s ideal for water-cooled compressors operating at standard pressures and ambient conditions due to its higher flash point than mineral lubricants. 


Small Reciprocating Compressors

Our All-Season Select oil reigns as the optimal choice for our small reciprocating solutions due to its synthetic, all-temperature blend that promises increase efficiency, reduced wear and prevention of carbon build-up. Additionally, when compared to petroleum-based lubricants, it can perform four times longer, with a recommended 2000 hours of service between lubricant change-out.


Water-cooled Reciprocating Compressors

Ingersoll Rand's XL-740HT oil is perfect for water-cooled reciprocating systems as it can with-stand higher pressures, elevated ambient conditions and 25-125 hp type 40 compressors. In addition, this lubricant extends the life cycle of wearing parts whilst reducing labor costs. It lowers maintenance requirements by providing maximum wear protection for the cylinder and crankcase areas, ensuring durability and reliability.


T30 Compressors

For our T30 solutions, we recommend either our XL 300 or for higher pressure T30 compressors, we recommend our XL-740HT lubricant (as mentioned above). Our XL 300 has been specially innovated to prevent carbon build-up, therefore promising extended compressor life.


Centac Compressors

Ingersoll Rand's Techtrol Gold is the best option for our Centac compressors. Our Techtrol Gold lubricant is specifically designed to help centrifugal compressors (Techtrol Gold CL for MSG Centac and Techtrol Gold TL for MSG TURBO-AIR are advised) maintain peak performance over a range of operating temperatures.


For more advice or information regarding our air compressor oils, or to enquire about any of our lubricants/oils, please get in touch with us here...


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