Air Compressor Parts & Accessories

Your compressed air systems are integral to your business, so you need air compressor parts and accessories that you can rely on.

From our Type 30 reciprocating air compressors to our MSG® TURBO-AIR NX 12000, we manufacture and heavily test all air compressor parts for our entire compressor product line to ensure they are original equipment manufacturer quality. By purchasing and installing our OEM-quality air compressor accessories and compressor parts, such as lubricants and compressor oil, maintenance kits, air compressor replacement parts, filtration, and condensation management, we guarantee that your equipment will remain operational and in warranty (12 months from the date of startup or 18 months from the invoice, whichever comes first on all Ingersoll Rand air compressors).

Non-standard air compressor replacement parts may lead to unnecessary wear and tear on your compressed air equipment. Count on OEM-quality air compressor parts and accessories from Ingersoll Rand to save you time and money in the long-term.



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