Liquid Bulk Transport Compressors for Tankers

Transporting bulk liquid products is a critical process in many industry’s supply chains and businesses around the globe rely on liquid bulk compressors for the safe, efficient, and effective transfer of their liquid payload. For liquid bulk conveyance, GHH RAND® has developed the SV200, a compact sliding vane oil free compressor for the discharge of bulk liquid road tankers. German-engineered with the specific needs of professionals in the road tank industry in mind, our solution for the liquid bulk market is optimised to offer the user next-level performance and reliability.


Custom Configuration

Premium Engineering

Unique Patented Sealing System

The SV200 is compact, oil free, sliding vane compressor featuring an innovative design that offers incredible benefits to customers carrying out liquid transfer applications. GHH RAND have over 60 years of extensive experience in the road transport market and we have used our industry knowledge and application expertise to design and develop a comprehensive solution for liquid bulk discharge that offers extremely high reliability alongside a low life cost.

A unique feature of our liquid bulk product offering is the innovative side plate venting system which prevents water ingress into to the compression chamber, removing the risk of contamination from road spray or pressure washing.

Both direct and hydraulic drive versions of the SV200 are available and are supported by our comprehensive range of ancillaries including suction inlet filtration, robust & fully engineered mounting brackets, and discharge line equipment.

The GHH RAND next generation SV200 compressor and ancillary kits are designed for pressurised air assisted discharge of products such as:

 Liquid Foodstuffs, Solvents, Alkalis, Acids, Heated Bitumen, General Chemicals, and many more.