Belt Driven LITE Solutions for Dry Bulk Tankers

GHH RAND® LITE solutions offer a competitive solution for the pneumatic conveying of dry bulk powders and granulates, offering increased operational efficiency through a streamlined design with allows for maximum load carrying capacity. Suitable for side mounted installations onto European road tankers, the LITE solution offers a simplified version of the standard dry bulk compressor solution, without simplifying on performance! Enjoy the same high quality oil free compressor and discharge silencer in a weight saving, compact design suitable for a variety of applications.

GHH RAND Lightweight air compressor LITE package

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Our partners rely on GHH RAND® to provide high-quality air compressor solutions for their businesses every day. To ensure continuous and optimal performance from our range of LITE solutions, we provide an unparalleled aftermarket support package to all of our customers. Read more on our aftermarket homepage.

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