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Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions is the umbrella brand which links our four key strategic businesses. It ties together four globally renowned companies, recognised for innovation and market excellence, with the shared values of sustainability, collaboration, innovation and scale. With the philosophy to work in partnership with customers to develop future transportation solutions, our four strategic brands are leading the way in the age of sustainable transportation.


GHH RAND® Transport

Every day, customers from across the bulk transportation industry rely on specialists at GHH RAND to solve their unique compression challenges. With their integrated compressor solutions, GHH Rand’s products ensure minimal downtime and extended operations for their commercial partners.


Few industries are as time critical as the dry bulk market, where vehicle operators must ensure rapid unloading cycles. For this to be possible, businesses must have full confidence in their equipment to perform quickly and efficiently, every time. GHH RAND has built an unrivalled reputation as a leading manufacturer of efficient and reliable air compression solutions.

Backed by a global network of specialist spares and maintenance professionals, GHH RAND branded solutions are tailored to exact applications with an assortment of different drive solutions. This means customers always benefit from easy installation, low discharge times and minimal weights.

GHH RAND Transport 

Ingersoll Rand Transport GHH RAND


EMCO Wheaton Fuel Systems

For more than 100 years, Emco Wheaton has been the first name in premium fluid transfer systems engineered to meet and exceed the growing demands of businesses across the fuel transportation spectrum.

Ingersoll Rand Transport EMCO Wheaton Fuel Systems

From fuel tank truck equipment to bus fleet and aviation fuelling systems, Emco Wheaton designs and manufactures bespoke solutions that help keep vehicles moving safely and efficiently at all times – even in the most challenging environments.

EMCO Wheaton serves a global customer base by offering a range of market leading loading and fuel systems that have been engineered using extensive experience, expertise, and a culture of innovation. Backed by first-class service and support, only Emco Wheaton can provide businesses with the quality, safety, and peace of mind needed to help them drive their operations into the future.

EMCO Wheaton Fuel Systems 


TODO Dry-Break Couplings

TODO is the pioneer behind the revolutionary DRY-BREAK couplers. Their couplers are extremely reliable, with very few moving parts and require little operator intervention which reduces the risk of human error. TODO products ensure our customers enjoy significantly improved operational and fugitive emission performance as well as peace of mind that all products meet the highest safety standards including European directives.

TODO’s product range has been built up throughout 50 years, developed in close collaboration with its global customer base.

As a part of the Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions family, TODO is a global brand leader with one of the largest customer bases in the market and continues to innovate its product range, product quality and of course, its relationship with customers.

TODO Dry-Break Couplings 

Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions TODO Couplings


Gardner Denver Transport Solutions

Ingersoll Rand Transport Gardner Denver

When it comes to the challenge of efficiently transferring bulk and liquid material from road tankers and other vehicles, few businesses have the global pedigree, unrivalled product range and proven track record as Gardner Denver Transport Solutions.

At the heart of every Gardner Denver innovation is a focus on bulk performance, installation criteria, cost of ownership and the total lifecycle approach, which has led to 100 years’ worth of market leadership. It is this approach which has led to Gardner Denver’s solutions becoming a main feature on a huge number of trucks manufactured globally.

As sure as the transport market has evolved, Gardner Denver has continued to lead it, extending its capabilities to cater for compressor packages for electric and hybrid vehicles, along with truck hydraulic and AirDrive on board power systems.

Gardner Denver Transport Solutions 



Working across the environmental, transport, industrial and food industries, as well chemical and power applications, the business offers an extensive range of rotary lobe blowers and vacuum pumps!


Hibon Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions