Name: David Houston

Job Title: Operations Director Ingersoll Rand

Physical Location: Crosslane, Bradford, West Yorkshire

Years with the Company: 16


David's unwavering commitment to Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions is exemplified by his impressive 16-year tenure with the organization, a testament to his outstanding contributions.

David's career trajectory has been nothing short of impressive. Beginning as an Automotive Design Engineer for New Product Development and Product Introduction, he swiftly ascended to a leadership role that merged operational excellence with commercial acumen, spanning multiple sites.

His expertise spans a spectrum of critical domains, from ushering new products into the market seamlessly to finding ingenious solutions to complex issues. His mastery extends across diverse operational facets, including project management and change leadership.

David draws motivation from a trio of potent sources. His relentless pursuit of continuous improvement fuels his passion for enhancing processes and outcomes. The thrill of discovering inventive answers to complex challenges keeps his drive alive. He finds immense satisfaction in acquiring new knowledge and takes immense pride in the work completed by his dedicated team.

Beyond his professional commitments, David is a devoted family man, actively participating in activities with his three children. He shares his passion for rugby, both as a player and an avid spectator. In his free time, he immerses himself in his VW Campervan, a canvas for his tinkering and craftsmanship.

David's crowning achievement was orchestrating the relocation and integration of the Springmill Street facility into the Crosslane facility. This complex undertaking involved a factory new build, seamlessly moving existing operations, and closing the old site with minimal disruption. David's adept leadership ensured the successful completion of this challenging project.

 In conclusion, David Houston's journey at Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions is a testament to unwavering dedication, operational brilliance, and the ability to transform challenges into opportunities.

Let's take a moment to salute his invaluable contributions to Ingersoll Rand and beyond!


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