Name: Bora Filipovic

Job Title: Commercial Director IRTS Fuel Systems

Physical Location: Margate, UK

Years with the Company: 5


Over the past 17 years, Bora Filipovic's career has spanned various roles in the fuel systems and transport sector. Starting from service stations, he gradually moved to working with tank trucks and depots.

This diverse experience has deepened his understanding of the industry's intricacies. In his role as Commercial Director, Bora bridges the gap between customer insights, market trends, and IRTS Fuel Systems' strategies. This connection he builds between customer needs and the company's vision has played a crucial role in propelling the company forward. Bora's expertise shines through his talent for developing fresh market approaches. He collaborates seamlessly with both internal teams and business partners. This collaboration is grounded in his strong respect for local practices, traditions, and the environment, while fostering innovation. Bora's driving force lies in nurturing both individual and business growth. He thrives on devising inventive ways to contribute to the energy transition while staying committed to the company's legacy business responsibilities.

Outside of his professional role, Bora's interests reflect his enthusiasm for innovation. From live music to culinary adventures, he seeks inspiration from diverse cultures. He's also captivated by emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, and Industry 4.0, seeing them as key players in future business landscapes.

One of Bora's standout achievements is implementing an innovative customer feedback system using Salesforce. This system ensures meticulous feedback tracking, enabling transparent communication with customers regarding issue resolution and prevention strategies. Bora's visionary leadership has breathed new life into the Aftermarket division.

 By blending the wisdom of experienced professionals with the fresh energy of the next generation, they've established service centers and a dedicated stock to enhance global customer service. In conclusion, Bora Filipovic's path at IRTS Fuel Systems is a testament to visionary leadership, industry expertise, and an unwavering commitment to innovation and responsibility.

Let's take a moment to acknowledge his unwavering contributions to the fuel systems realm and beyond! .