Raw Materials

Compressed Air for Raw Materials

Overall, the main goal of a compressed air system is to provide a reliable supply of clean, dry, compressed air at a stable pressure at the lowest cost possible. Designing a compressed air system that ensures efficiency, reliability, and safety requires thorough consideration and extensive technological knowledge about raw material applications.

Owners of raw material plants rely on technologically advanced equipment and do not want to gamble with poor compressed air quality. To help them achieve this goal, Ingersoll Rand oil-flooded rotary screw air compressors offer businesses the very best combination of time-proven designs and technologies plus new, advanced features that ensure the highest levels of reliability, efficiency, and productivity available.

Selecting the Right Air Compressor

Various applications used for raw materials require different types of air compressors. Choosing the right one for your specific application should be done carefully. The key is to make sure the selected unit is able to meet your desired demands, while keeping maintenance and operating costs low.

Choosing the right equipment is crucial in ensuring that your facility operates at full capacity and that your daily work gets done. Choosing an air compressor for a given application requires careful consideration of several factors, including the intended use, performance specifications and available resources.

Ingersoll Rand’s Solutions for Raw Material

Ingersoll Rand has long been a leader in providing compressed air solutions for various industries.

Known for its high reliability and customer-oriented mindset, the company has an extensive product portfolio and application know-how, that allows it to deliver the highest performance in quality, reliability, and dependability.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing 

It is essential to address key questions before making a purchase:

  • How much airflow is required?
  • Define the pressure requirements.
  • How clean does it need to be? 
  • Which filters or dryers do you need?
  • How many hours will the compressor operate per day?
  • Will the flow demand fluctuate?
  • Are you going to raise the scope of your operations in the near future?