Air Compressor Installation

Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors and Services group offers a complete range of air compressor installation and integration services. From the smallest air-cooled reciprocating air system to the largest water-cooled centrifugal compressor, we have the capability to manage and implement a complete compressed air system installation.

Benefits of a complete air compressor installation and integration:

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Air System Design

The proper initial design of the compressed air system will result in superior operation and performance. Ingersoll Rand can offer air system designs that will meet your present needs and offer flexibility for future expansions. We specialize in multiple types of air compression technologies and are skilled in selecting the proper equipment design and layout for your operation.

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Single Source Responsibility

Ingersoll Rand can design the compressed air system, supply the equipment, and perform a complete air compressor installation. This allows you to have only one contact to satisfy all your compressed air needs. Ingersoll Rand's breadth of services allows us to accept complete responsibility and ensure your satisfaction.

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Compressed Air Expertise

Ingersoll Rand's 100+ years as the leader in the compressed air business allows you to benefit from our experience. Ingersoll Rand knows how to design, install, and maintain compressed air systems. Our knowledge of compressed air systems allows us to offer central control sequencing and monitoring systems.

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Air System Optimization

The ability to optimize a compressed air system comes from years of being in the business. Ingersoll Rand can optimize your system to save you energy costs, reduce maintenance, and provide a reliable air system. Optimization involves ensuring that each piece of equipment in the air system is working properly and each component is tuned to work efficiently with all the parts of the system.

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Fully Integrated Support

Ingersoll Rand can supply all necessary support for your compressed air system. We can design, supply, install, repair, and maintain your system. We supply parts and service for all makes and models of air compressors and accessories. With our AirCare compressor maintenance inspection program, extended warranties are available to protect your investment.

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Fully Integrated Project Management

Ingersoll Rand's Air Solution Group is able to handle any type of compressed air system installation. A Project Manager oversees and instructs the complete project, ensuring proper installation and efficient operation.