PlannedCARE™ Service Program

PlannedCARE™ provides predictable, on-time planned services including diagnostics to catch potential problems, before they result in larger headaches. With a PlannedCARE agreement, you will receive 10-year airend coverage on new 20 hp+ oil-flooded compressors and 5-year airend coverage on new oil-free compressors

  • Maximize Uptime: OEM expertise and early detection of impending problems keep your operation running smoothly
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Genuine Ingersoll Rand OEM parts are optimized for pressure drop and thermal conductivity, ensuring your system operates to specification, lowering costs
  • Predictive Diagnostics: Lubricant condition and vibration analysis reports help determine condition-based maintenance plans
  • Unparalled Expertise: Factory certified and trained technicians keep your equipment tuned for peak efficiency and performance, reduce hassle and giving you peace of mind
  • Trustworthy Pricing: The PlannedCARE program features level, predictable maintenance costs
  • Extend Your Airend Coverage: With PlannedCARE, you'll receive extended airend coverage -- 10 years for oil-flooded compressors, or 5 years for oil-free compressors