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Air Compressors

We understand that you have a job to complete, so we have designed a variety of high-quality and low-maintenance commercial and industrial air compressors to fit your needs.

  • Trust Ingersoll Rand to deliver effective solutions for the most demanding industrial compressed air applications
  • Manufacturers of oil-free, oil-flooded, rotary screw, centrifugal and reciprocating industrial air compressor systems
  • Our commitment to performance and quality delivers cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions to a global audience

At Ingersoll Rand, we provide a range of industrial air compressors and ancillary equipment that is designed to offer a reliable, durable and effective solution to suit a variety of applications, such as automotive, manufacturing, textile and food and beverage, to name a few.

We understand that most factories rely on compressed air for different stages of their operation, which is why our range is fully equipped with all of the industrial solutions you may need. From oil-free, rotary screw and oil-flooded to centrifugal and PET compressed air solutions, we can expertly match your application needs to one of our compressors. 

All of our products have been designed, manufactured and tested to include high quality, technologically innovated components to ensure efficient, reliable and durable systems, with our centrifugal solutions expanding our market coverage to higher pressure, higher flow, and process gas compression applications.




We produce and heavily test the air compressor parts and accessories for our entire compressor product line to ensure they are OEM-quality. We have an array of parts and accessories such as replacement parts, pressure switches, air filters, and oil and lubricants to fit all of our commercial and industrial compressor models. 

Compressed Air Services

Applications for Industries Served

Automotive Applications

We supply trusted compressors and ancillary equipment that deliver highly efficient results with low maintenance and operating costs within the automotive industry. Our oil-flooded solutions are notably the most suitable for all of your automotive needs as they are available with variable speed drives and an intuitive user interface to allow for a flexible, controlled environment at every stage of production. They are also fully equipped with high-quality advanced components that promise reliability and durability when enduring heavy-duty work cycles – as for us, quality is not optional but essential.

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Manufacturing Applications

The recipe for success within the manufacturing industry is finding a solution that is highly efficient with low maintenance and operation costs – whether you are manufacturing goods for the pharmaceutical, electronic, or aerospace industries, we understand that profitability and productivity work hand in hand to ensure successful operations. At Ingersoll Rand, we provide a variety of innovative solutions that can be perfectly matched to your application through advanced design, components and air technology, ensuring you peace of mind at every stage of manufacture.

Textile Applications

With the textile industry – serving as one of the biggest, most profitable industries in the world – producing fabrics for not only the fashion industry but also the medical, defense and transport sectors – we are aware of the importance of keeping up with demand. This is why we have innovated a high-speed, high-efficiency solution that can be best found in our oil-free and centrifugal air compressors, adaptable for time-efficient production, allowing you to stay ahead of your competitors.

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Food and Beverages

Food and Beverage Applications

Our responsibility within the food and beverage industry lies in providing a safe solution with sterile motors and valves to ensure a controlled working environment. At Ingersoll Rand, we offer an oil-free air compressor that will operate effectively in this high-risk application due to it providing Class 0 air quality which is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of microbial contamination through high-temperature compression, allowing for a controlled, safe environment.

At Ingersoll Rand, our goal is to intertwine customer needs in a variety of applications, with our commitment to performance and quality to enable us to produce highly effective compressors that are low maintenance and cost-effective. Our knowledge and expertise in providing industrial solutions mean we are globally backed and trusted as the ideal choice for all you industrial application needs.

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For over 145 years, Ingersoll Rand has provided a wide range of technologically advanced, highly reliable and low maintenance air compressors. We have deep knowledge of the needs of industry and the demands placed on productivity, making us leaders in the field. We use that experience and knowledge to provide you with the ideal air compressor solutions for your business.