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How Did Ingersoll Rand Help D9 Brewery?


When D9 Brewery first started out producing & distributing craft beer in Cornelius, NC, they were running to the local hardware store 2-3 times a month purchasing small non-industrial compressors for keg washing, keg filling, and bottling. These compressors began to fail rapidly, one a er another. To add fuel to the re, there was bacteria in the lines, oil in the unfermented beer, irregular system air pressure, and water accumulation. All these problems are ones that you DON’T want when you are creating a product being consumed.

A brewery is supposed to be the place where you kick back a er a long day at work or a place to sit back and catch up with friends. Unfortunately, at D9, their old compressor system didn’t allow much relaxation. The tap room and brewing operations were separated by a glass door, forcing the customers to talk over the noisy running compressor.



D9 Brewery was growing rapidly, so Andrew, Owner of D9 Brewery, reached out to Ingersoll Rand for a bigger and more industrial compressed air system. We used our knowledge on compressed air systems to educate Andrew and his brewing team, from proper air filters, operating at optimum pressure, SimplAir aluminum piping for distribution, to Food-Grade Lubricant. Since having an Ingersoll Rand compressed air system, D9 hasn’t had any of the previous problems, only success!


“Ingersoll Rand really helped us understand what it takes to have compressed air. Everything down from the food-grade lubricant, all the way to the food-grade filters, and dealing with different amounts of CFM’s.”

- Andrew, CEO/Co-Founder of D9 Brewery