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To keep up with production schedules, the paper making industry relies on oil-free air compressors. Fast and reliable compression equipment is needed to operate plants at maximum efficiency. These compressors are used for roller adjustment, feeding paper presses, agitating solution and spraying protective coatings on the paper. They are also used throughout the cutting and pressing system process. The paper industry uses oil-free compressors because they help to produce the highest quality paper possible, free of contamination. By employing reliable Ingersoll Rand oil-free air compressors, manufacturers can drastically cut down on high operating temperatures, poor moisture control as well as energy consumption.

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Ingersoll Rand CompressorsThe Right Solution for Pulp and Paper Sector

Ingersoll Rand, a global provider of pressure and vacuum solutions for numeroussectors, has recently cooperated with one of the world’s largest producers ofdissolving pulp on the expansion of their existing production facility in Brazil.The Singapore-based company owns mills and sustainable wood cultivation landin two Brazilian states, where it employs over 7,000 people, and has sales officesin Asia, Europe and North America. In 2019, it announced its plans for a six-foldoutput increase at one of the mills.