Ground Support Equipment

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) refers to the support equipment at an airport used to service or support the operation of aircraft on the ground. GSE includes vehicles, mobile equipment, tank vehicles, refueling vehicles, tugs, carts and any other equipment used to service aircraft.  They are used both in commercial and military application and normally driven by diesel engines.

An example of possible applications of our products are air start units (ASU), where compressed hot air at 2.95 barg (42.5 psig) is directed to an air motor that spins the jet engine for firing. We approve high speed operation for 2-8 minutes for Jet Starting and then normal operational speeds for air packs on the aircraft. We also deliver our 7T2 and 15T2 reciprocating compressors for bottle Air Start Unit applications.  These units charge the receiver slowly to 500 PSI which is then released through the air motor in the jet engine.  They are used on smaller jets and are normally charged using electricity.  They are not continuous flow because they cannot run indefinitely.

We also have solutions for N2 generation units for purging, creating an inert space in fuel tanks etc. Our air ends can be used in conjunction with membrane systems to produce nitrogen.

In addition to our GSE compatible portfolio and application knowledge we also offer technical support, needed aftermarket and spare parts like couplings and adaptors.

ground support equipment