Peak productivity is possible with the Helix™ Connected Platform from Ingersoll Rand. Integrated into your compressor as a factory install on select models or with a simple upgrade, Helix™ connectivity delivers continuous monitoring to enable maximum operational uptime.

What is Helix™ Connected Platform?

Developed to maximize uptime and peace of mind, the Helix™ Connected Platform from Ingersoll Rand gives you the power of real-time data monitoring for your compressed air system. Advanced sensor technology inside the compressor sends data on a regular basis to our cloud based platform and is accessible from your PC, tablet or smartphone to give you visibility into machine functionality. Our tiered service offerings allow you to select the level of insights you need to meet your specific operational needs.

Actionable Insights for Real-time Reliability

You’ll benefit from round-the-clock access to real-time insights and diagnostic reporting on the efficiency, functionality and health of your air compressors. Alerts are delivered directly to you via email or an online customer portal and provide insights for preventive maintenance, efficient repair work, and detailed analysis of equipment performance over time

Operational Efficiency Made Plain and Simple

Your team and your Authorised Ingersoll Rand Service Provider will have direct access anytime to Helix™ insights and reporting that can help prevent lost productivity from unforeseen breakdowns. Maintenance scheduling is simplified thanks to proactive service reminders and automated communications that help to preserve machine health.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Real-time operating data available anytime, from anywhere
  • Powerful insights that help equip maintenance teams to keep compressors operating at peak performance and reduce the risk of downtime
  • Equipment maintenance notifications that help to ensure reliability and extend equipment life
  • Real-time monitoring that enables insights and facilitates communication to support productive, mechanical efficiency
  • Proactive service alerts sent via email; routine data available on a regular basis and accessible via online customer portal
  • Peace of mind that your Authorised Ingersoll Rand Service Provider receives compressor alarms instantly, allowing for proactive response to ensure the health of your assets. 
  • Availability as a factory-installed, standard feature on select new equipment, as an upgrade to existing equipment, and as a feature of CARE™ service agreement