Ingersoll Rand Solutions For Hydrogen Applications


Ingersoll Rand solutions for hydrogen are provided through our market-leading brands, which provide solutions across the hydrogen value chain. We offer solutions from hydrogen generation, hydrogen compression, hydrogen processing and storage, and finally fluid transfer and end use. Our strategic brands are known for their dependability. 

The aim of IR Hydrogen is to develop bold solutions, deliver excellence, and assist in the management of complicated projects. Using the most reliable Hydrogen Engineered Solutions, we're here to help our partners in every step their hydrogen project’s lifecycle, allowing our clients to succeed.


Hydrogen Products


Meanwhile, we are leveraging our oil-free Ingersoll Rand compressors to support applications such as chemical processes, grid balancing, large scale storage and the mobility market.




We leverage our expertise in reciprocating compression with the complete Ingersoll Rand range of compression and gas treatment products to offer complete hydrogen compression solutions. By understanding the applications and systems our compressors operate in we can maximise project profitability by ensuring lower CAPEX, higher system efficiency and lower OPEX across the project lifetime.






Building on over 150 years of experience and innovation, every Ingersoll Rand reciprocating compressor is engineered from the ground up to deliver outstanding levels of efficiency, quality, and performance. 

In the mission to minimize hydrogen costs, our compressors use features such as zero-loss drive systems, efficient flow control systems and direct drive water-cooled motors to minimize energy costs.

Our efficient flow control systems ensure our compressors can react to varying flow rate demands without introducing large efficiency losses, meaning integration with green hydrogen systems can be achieved without significant losses.