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Air Compressor Parts

Ingersoll Rand offers a range of genuine OEM air compressor parts to keep your compressed air systems operating continually at their best.

At Ingersoll Rand, we offer a range of high-quality air compressor parts to ensure your compressed air system is always operating at its most efficient. Not only does this optimize the performance and longevity of your equipment, but it also ensures your operations can run seamlessly without any unwanted interruptions.  


Our range of lubricants and air compressor parts have all been designed to enhance the performance and efficiency of your compressed air systems All of our OEM air compressor parts and spares have been tried and tested to ensure optimal compatibility with our commercial and industrial compressed air systems. This is essential to minimize the safety risk of equipment damage due to faulty third-party parts and products. In the end, this not only protects your investment but also reduces replacement and maintenance costs. 

What air compressor parts and spares do we offer?



We offer a range of small reciprocating kits that ensure you have all of the OEM parts you need to install and maintain your air compressor. Our range includes Installation Kits, Start-Up Kits, Gasket Kits and Valve Kits, all designed with the needs of your small reciprocating compressor in mind. 

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Air Compressor Parts & Accessories

Maintenance Parts

Our Ingersoll Rand Liquidator Zero-Loss and ReliaDrain Zero-Loss Condensate Removal systems are the essential accessories you need to get rid of condensation quickly and easily in industrial or even commercial applications. Our ReliaDrain is an electrically powered tool that uses capacitive sensors to determine when the drain reservoir is full and open the valve, making it a fully efficient tool for your compressor set-up. The LiquidatorTM is a pneumatically-powered product that uses a ball-float sensor to see when the drain reservoir is full. Both are tools capable of maintaining a minimum liquid level within the reservoir to ensure that only condensate is removed from your compressor and eliminate the risk of any process air escaping through the drain orifice.

Replacement Parts

Our extensive range of available replacement parts includes high-quality solutions for our reciprocating systems, such as pressure switches and OEM replacement belts. We offer a range of replacement parts for our centrifugal models, including the MSG, MSG CENTAC and MSG TURBO-AIR. You can also browse our centrifugal upgrade replacement parts, including aerodynamic enhancements and variable inlet guide vanes. If you require additional air storage space, you may benefit from our air compressor tanks

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Air Compressor Parts

At Ingersoll Rand, you can access our entire range of OEM air compressor spare parts that are essential for the performance and preservation of your compressed air systems.

Air Compressor Lubricants

We have a variety of high-quality air compressor oils to suit all of our compressed air solutions. By choosing an Ingersoll Rand lubricant, you are investing in an OEM-grade oil that is entirely compatible with your system, thus enabling you to protect your air compressor. Our range includes our synthetic all-temperature All Season Select, our Ultra FG (Food Grade), and PETSTAR lubricants. We also offer the TURBOBLEND 46, a premium compressor oil designed for centrifugal equipment. Our Ultra 4K lubricant is ideal for rotary screw systems, while our Ultra Coolant lubricant is an innovative blend crafted for contact-cooled rotary screw compressors. Other options include our XL 300, XL 700 and XL 740HT.  

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Choose Ingersoll Rand as your one-stop solution for all of your compressed air needs! For more information on any of our available air compressor parts contact our compressed air experts.


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