We have developed fully synthetic lubricants to meet the arduous demands of diverse applications. Whether your package is operating in high or low temperature environments, our lubricants provide the best protection for your airend. These lubricants were specifically designed for our screw compressors.

Primecool® can be used under the harshest of temperature conditions for our oil flooded airends where it provides cooling within the compression chamber and at the same time gears and bearings are being lubricated.

Ultralube® is a fully synthetic lubricant designed for our range of oil free compressing airends to lubricate bearings and gears. Our FG (Food Grade) range of oils additionally meets the highest requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries.

All of our lubricants will ensure protection of your assets while providing lower full life cycle costs. They will reduce risk and maximize uptime for your customers and their investment. Using these lubricants allow us to offer an extended warranty on our airends which provides valuable peace of mind for your products and applications.