Harsh Conditions? Remote Locations? No Problem.


The expression “time is money” could have easily originated with the mining industry. Every second of downtime at your jobsite—whether planned or unplanned—leads to losses in productivity and revenue.


That makes it all the more important to choose equipment you can count on to get the job done.


At Ingersoll Rand, we designed our suite of compressor systems, including oil-flooded, oil-free, and centrifugal compressor technologies, to deliver superior performance in even the harshest conditions for mineral and metal mining, in surface or subsurface applications. This includes our newest line of MSG® TURBO-AIR® centrifugal compressed air systems that focus on delivering clean, pure air with maximum uptime, hassle-free operation, and reduced maintenance needs.


Value Where It Matters


Our teams work with yours to configure integrated solutions based on your precise needs that maximize efficiency and air flow, while delivering benefits that make a true impact on your bottom line, including:


  • Reliability—Depend on Ingersoll Rand compressors to run as they should and generate air indoors or outdoors, in compact spaces, and in extreme temperatures. You can maximize uptime and altogether avoid unscheduled downtime to improve quotas.
  • Durability—You need equipment that withstands the wear and pressure of everyday activity, especially when you’re operating in remote locations miles from the nearest service technician. Ingersoll Rand’s newest MSG TURBO-AIR NX 2500 centrifugal air compressor is designed with robust componentry and fewer moving parts to give you the durable performance you need to keep running in tough environments.
  • Air Quality—Air quality is paramount when powering delicate instrumentation amid dust, pollution and other contaminants. For optimal performance for sensitive operations, we provide centrifugal and oil-free rotary air compressor systems that produce high-quality air that meets ISO Class 0 specifications - free of added oil aerosols, vapors, and liquids. For applications with less stringent air quality needs, we offer a complete line of oil-flooded compressed air systems so you always have the air you need, where you need it.
  • Serviceability—Ingersoll Rand’s compressors are designed with serviceability in mind to save you time, money, and hassles. Compressor packages are simple, spacious and easy to service. And with our MSG TURBO-AIR air compressor series, technicians can even perform total system overhauls quickly in the field, so you won’t need to shut down for long periods of time or transport equipment long distances to keep your equipment operating at peak performance.


We also offer maintenance programs that include scheduled maintenance and predictive analytics, planned diagnostics, and compressor repair with genuine OEM parts, so you always have complete peace of mind that your compressor is always protected.


Want to learn more about reducing downtime and boosting productivity in your mining operation? Schedule your free consultation with a compressed air expert today for a full review of your system.