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Air Compressors for the Raw Materials Industry

Compressed air has an ever-growing presence within the raw materials and resources industry due to the need to power machinery such as pneumatic conveyors and air-powered dock levelers. Our expert compressed air technologies are the perfect solution in an environment where a consistent, reliable supply of clean, dry air is essential. We can create a system that maximizes the efficiency and productivity of all of your raw material applications.

Efficient, Reliable & Safe Compressed

Air Due to the constantly growing raw materials market, it's vital that you find a compressed air solution that is up to date with all of the dynamic, complex technologies that are being introduced. We offer high-quality compressor solutions that promise reliable performance and clean, safe compressed air that you can trust. Our available range includes air compressors to suit a range of raw material handling, production & manufacturing operations.

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Reliable Solutions That Benefit Your Bottom Line

As a leading provider of compressor solutions for a range of industries, we have years of experience providing customers with the best system to suit their needs. Our technologies promise unrivalled reliability and dependability without compromising the productivity of your raw material handling and operations. Selecting the right solution for your application is vital, which is why our global service is available to help you find your match! 

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Ingersoll Rand's Next Generation R-Series oil-flooded compressors are a revolutionary, unrivalled solution suitable for the raw materials industry. 

Ingersoll Rand Products

Next Generation Compressors Lead the Way

The delivery of high-quality air is crucial within the raw materials industry for powering critical equipment and machinery. Due to the often demanding conditions faced within this industry, we understand the importance of a solution that can maximize your productivity whilst keeping costs low.

Our Next Generation oil-flooded compressed air technologies for instance, lead the way by revolutionizing the efficiency of your raw material operations. With improved efficiency and decreased energy use, you are able to maximize your uptime without compromising air quality. You also have complete control over your system with intelligent monitoring by our Xe-Series controllers. Trust Ingersoll Rand for a market-leading compressed air solution!

Ingersoll Rand Products

We don't just provide market-leading compressed air solutions; we also offer a global service and support network. This includes different maintenance programs, compressor repair and genuine OEM parts to ensure consistent performance and reliability. We understand that businesses within the primary sector are relied upon for the supply of high-quality raw materials, which is why our aftermarket services are tailored to support you.


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