GHH RAND® design and develop a range of solutions suitable for installation onto European road tankers to provide pneumatic conveyance of a wide range of dry bulk products. Our range of German engineered, oil-free compressor packages are designed to discharge your bulk materials at optimum rates, offering clean, safe, and reliable performance day in, day out.

Our packaged solutions include Standard, LITE, In-Chassis and our Intercooled solution. Each one is designed and developed specifically with the needs of the customer in mind to provide a product that is fully assembled and ready to install, saving you time and money.


Our Dry Bulk Compressor Packages 



Transporting bulk liquid products is a critical process in many industry’s supply chains and businesses around the globe rely on liquid bulk compressors for the safe, efficient, and effective transfer of their liquid payload. For liquid bulk conveyance, GHH RAND® has developed the SV200, a compact sliding vane oil free compressor for the discharge of bulk liquid road tankers. German-engineered with the specific needs of professionals in the road tank industry in mind, our solution for the liquid bulk market is optimised to offer the user next-level performance and reliability.


We take responsibility for our solutions and products throughout their entire lifecycle, offering long term commitment to our customers. Our unique engineering services, innovative components, valuable maintenance support, and spare parts and lubricants are the corner stone of our total lifecycle solutions.

Spare Parts & Lubricants 

CS1200 ICL for Dry Bulk Tankers
Vehicle Mounted Air Compressor

The CS1200 Intercooled LITE (ICL) compressor package, new from GHH RAND®, is the latest technology in our range of truck mounted compressors. The ICL features the latest generation of the CS104 airend, our slim, high efficiency air cooler, and our reactive discharge silencer, in one compact packaged solution.

This solution has been designed and engineered specifically to ensure product safety for sensitive items via a unique sealing system preventing oil contamination of the discharge air, food grade rotor coating, and SILOL® FG lubrication. Optimised for the bulk transfer of temperature sensitive materials, the CS1200 ICL is controlled to discharge air as low as 50 degrees.


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cs1200 icl dry bulk compressor