Cannabis Water Treatment with Cold Plasma

Are you tired of struggling to achieve the best quality buds in your cannabis cultivation? The secret to unlocking your plants' full potential lies in the water they receive. Poor water quality and improperly aerated roots can lead to disease, pests, algae, and nutrient deficiencies, stunting growth and affecting your bottom line. 

That's where Ion Solutions comes in – a revolutionary technology designed specifically with your plants in mind. By injecting reactive oxygen species and naturally disinfecting compounds into your irrigation water, our system improves water quality maintaining plant health and potential growth. 


The Secret: Plasma Activated Water

Pathogens and molds that infect cannabis plants can target the roots, crown, foliage, and even the precious buds. These infections not only hinder growth but also have a detrimental impact on the quality of your final product. After years of extensive research, we have discovered a powerful weapon against these destructive invaders – the PAW (Plasma-Activated Water) properties of Ion Solutions. 


When regular freshwater is treated with cold plasma, it transforms into PAW. This treatment causes an increase of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species. As a result, PAW has a distinct chemical composition compared to regular water and possesses different characteristics. 


One notable feature is its potential as an alternative approach for disinfecting microbes. The benefits and features of PAW are closely tied to the gas used as a source to create the cold plasma. For instance, oxygen-generated PAW is rich in ROS, primarily ozone, hydroxyl radicals, and hydrogen peroxide. Pathogens can be found in the internal and external tissue of plants, as well as in the soil, substrate and water. For this reason, keeping a clean and disinfected environment and growing cannabis with the best quality of water available is important. 

Here's why cold plasma water treatment is beneficial for your cannabis growth: 


1. Enhanced Oxygenation for Maximum Growth Potential

With our patented cold plasma chamber, Ion Solutions delivers a substantial increase in dissolved oxygen (DO) levels. Your cannabis plants with thrive with up to 20 parts per million (PPM) of dissolved oxygen, ensuring vigorous growth and improved nutrient uptake. 

2. Unparalleled Disinfection for Disease-Free Cultivation

Say goodbye to pests, pathogens, biofilm and algae blooms that threaten the health of your crops. Ion Solutions introduces controlled amounts of disinfecting compounds into the water source, effectively reducing and eliminating harmful microorganisms and ensuring a clean and disinfected growing environment. 

3. Advanced Control and Monitoring for Precision

Ion Solutions puts you in the driver’s seat of your cannabis cultivation. Our closed-loop control system allows you to monitor and simultaneously adjust levels of Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) and dissolved oxygen (DO). This ensures that water quality is perfectly optimized for plant growth. 

4. Energy-Efficient Solution for Cost Savings and Sustainability

We understand the importance of efficient resource utilization in the cannabis industry. That’s why Ion Solutions stands out with its remarkable energy efficiency. Our system uses less power compared to incumbent solutions. The system also requires a minimum footprint compared to other technologies, key for indoor grows in minimizing operating expenses and reducing total cost of ownership.