Compressor OEM Solutions for Construction and Mining

Powering the Future of Construction & Mining

Ingersoll Rand OEM Solutions leads the way in the construction and mining industries by providing a crucial part for powerful machines: compressed air. Our OEM air compressors, including the high-performance compressor air ends for hard rock drilling, are designed to ensure peak performance of equipment in the most demanding conditions.

Reliability and Efficiency in Harsh Environments

Our construction and mining equipment face extreme temperatures, high humidity, constant vibration, and abrasive elements. Ingersoll Rand OEM Solutions compressors, including those with a robust compressor air end for drilling rigs, are engineered to overcome these challenges. They deliver operational reliability from deep underground to high in the mountains.


Tailored Solutions

Ingersoll Rand's OEM Solutions offer a range of compressors that cater to applications requiring specific needs while incorporating high-performance features:

  • Dependability: We prioritize reliability in our products and services to prevent unexpected costs and ensure continuous operations and optimum performance.
  • Safety First: Our compressors, equipped with features like special bearing arrangements for added durability, and uncompromised safety has been a key engineering factor to protect the machinery and operators. Our mindset is safety first!
  • Adaptable Designs: Our OEM configurations, including the rotary screw air ends, are modular and can be tailored for specific requirements to meet the highest customers’ expectations.
  • Compact and Leak-Tight: The Tempest and CT-package compressors offer space efficiency and a leak-tight design for operational integrity.
  • Versatile Angles: Our compressors can operate effectively at angles up to 22-30° to accommodate diverse site conditions.
  • Wide Pressure Range: Suitable for both top hammer and DTH applications, our compressors operate within a pressure range of 3-35 bar.
  • Flexible Power Options: CT-package compressors provide power options like hydraulic, electric, or PTO-driven systems.
  • Easy Maintenance and Support: Our compressors ensure minimal downtime with easy maintenance, supported by comprehensive manuals and our experts’ technical assistance.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Our products comply with industry regulations, ensuring high standards.
  • Monitoring and Safety: CT-package compressors include sensors and meters for operation monitoring with built-in safety features.
  • Preventive Maintenance: We promote preventive maintenance for optimal equipment performance throughout its lifecycle.
  • Maximized Uptime: We aim to minimize unexpected downtime, crucial for the profitability of our customers.
  • Customer Promise: Ingersoll Rand OEM Solutions commits to providing dependable and efficient compressed air applications and compressors, backed by our full support.

Applications in the Field

Rock Drilling Rigs: Our compressors are key for surface drilling and underground mining. They give the right high pressure air needed to drill through even the hardest rock. They're also used for drilling into the earth for heat (geothermal) and for making water wells. Our compressors provide steady and continuous airflow for all kinds of drilling works.

Tunneling Equipment: Our compressors play an important part in the construction industry helping tunnel machines spray wet concrete to cover a wide range of tunnel and cavern profiles. They also run the ANFO (ammonium nitrate-fuel oil) charging devices that carefully place explosives in mines and tunnels.