Graduate with us

Kimi Hakulinen, 19, is graduating from Tredu (vocational school in Tampere, Finland) to be a machinist. The three year studies will be finished with a 14 week internship at our factory.

"I have been working in the machinery department. I have been doing work piece changing and machinery maintenance. My know-how has significantly increased and it feels that I've learned more during the internship than at school. From school I got the foundation and here I've been able to deepen it into workmanship. I had a strong urge to get to real work. Work has been going really well and I have always been able to ask help from colleagues. It has been completely different to be at work than it is to be at school, and that difference is important for every student to understand."

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Job via internship

Koski tells, that it has been hard to find machinists for a while. That’s why Ingersoll Rand inquires students to recruit straight from teachers in local vocational schools in Tampere.

"Usually second grade students start here with an internship, then return as summer trainees and finally start working here with permanent contracts. This has turned out to be a good transition. During the internship we see if the person is suitable, and during the summer we educate the employee until they're almost ready professionals when the permanent job begins."

Tampere Ingersoll Rand factory has about 160 employees and almost all the time, there are students among them. Every student has their own counselor. The supervisor plans the introduction and the more experienced colleagues orient the recruits.

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Kimmo Koski tells, that further education is also supported:

"For example, one employee has been working here a long time and now he's studying to be a mechanical engineer. I myself have also acquired a specialist qualification degree in management alongside work and through the degree, I got into a supervisor role."

For us, it is important that students graduate. When students finish their studies, they have great knowledge and skills.