In association with GHH Rand OEM Solutions

As you may have noticed, Gardner Denver and Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technologies merged in March. For Tamrotor, this doesn’t cause any changes: We will have the same people and our factory will stay in Tampere. However, the merger gives us a great opportunity to cooperate with GHH Rand which is the OEM brand of Ingersoll Rand. In the near future, we will be able to cross-sell from each other's product catalogue which enables a wider product selection for our customers.


GHH Rand is a pioneer in oil-free technology – the first oil-free screw compressor stage was invented at GHH in 1952. Like Tamrotor, GHH also serves a variety of applications from mobile applications to drilling – and everything in between. They have great offering for high pressure and two stage applications. GHH will also have the same people and same factories, so the merger or cooperation won't change that.


Our portfolios and expertise complete each other: Where Tamrotor has expertise in low pressure applications, GHH Rand has focused more on high pressure products. Tamrotor has specialized in oil lubricated air ends, whereas GHH Rand is the forerunner in oil free technology.


We are both happy and excited about this possibility - we will be able to serve our customers with a wider view and help with even more multifarious compressed air needs. We have the same goals and we have similar values: We want to offer reliable solutions with trusted technology and have a long partnership with our customers. Our aftermarket teams will make sure that your compressor investment operates as long as possible. With these two different portfolios, we can guarantee comprehensive product catalogue and highly professional service.

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