Q&A - OEM compressors

1. What is a OEM compressor?

OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM compressor manufacturer sells air ends and compressor packages directly to the OEM customers who are the manufacturers of their own designed compressors or compressed air systems. The air end or compressor package is just a part of the final product. This is very important, because OEM is always responsible his end products meet the local laws and regulations. Tamrotor OEM –products are not capable to run as stand-alone, “plug and play”. OEM needs to add at least the starter on compressor package (for example Tamrotor CT series) to get it running and to become an OEM.

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2. What applications need/use OEM compressors?

Pressured air is vital necessity to many different industries so OEM compressors are needed in various needs for example rock drilling, construction and tunneling equipment, firefighting equipment, trains and various other vehicles, offshore, aquaculture etc.

3. When only an air end is needed and when I need OEM compressor package?

Air end is the heart of the compressor/compressed air system, compressing the air. Buying just an air end is enough if you want to build everything else around to make it your own compressor package. However, Tamrotor also offers a lot of other components needed in the compressors or compressed air systems such as intake valves, air filter assemblies etc. You can use in addition of just bare air end. Our most pre-made OEM product is the CT compressor series. CT is otherwise a complete compressor but lacks a starter, hence CT -compressors are easy to integrate in variety of compressed air applications and control interfaces.

4. What is the pressure range?

Tamrotor OEM products are suitable for the pressure range 3-13 bar and air flow range 500 l / min - 74 m3 / min

5. What should I consider when choosing an air end or integrated compressor package?

You should consider your compressors operating parameters: air flow or power, max. and operating pressure, motor type and rpm.

6. What kind of warranty OEM Enduro and Tempest air ends and CT series compressors have?

Standard GD Oy warranty: 24 months from the date of initial use or 27 months from the date of shipment, whichever occurs first.

7. What is the expected lifespan for an air ends or OEM compressor packages?

It's hard to say - depends in what kind of application and environment it's operating. In the most demanding extremely harsh operating conditions, such as under-ground rock-drilling equipment from few hundred operating hours up record winning more than 200 000 oph’s in process compressor at very stable and constant operating conditions, such as at industrial compressors in paper mills.

8. Is there original spare parts for OEM compressors?

Technical support and spare parts services is a crucial part for many OEM –business, genuine spare parts are available to protect your investments, maintain efficiency and minimize downtime. Tamrotor genuine spare parts are warranted for 9 months from the date of shipment to the purchaser or 6 months from the date of initial use, whichever occurs first.

The design of these Tamrotor air ends makes operation reliable and maintenance easy ensuring minimal downtime.