All units are fully packaged, including the in-house developed unit control system, and can be supplied in various configurations

High-quality air, delivered by reliable air compressors, is critical for the efficiency and longevity of your operations. Ingersoll Rand recognizes this, providing a range of durable air dryers, including refrigerant dryers, desiccant compressed air dryers, and hybrid systems, each engineered to address specific industry challenges.

Each of our air dryer units comes fully equipped and ready for immediate integration into your operations, complete with a PLC-based controller for advanced automation and ease of use. Rest assured, our tailored solutions are designed to deliver optimal performance and seamless functionality in your compressed air system.

Choose Ingersoll Rand for air purity you can count on.


Adsorption Air Dryer Packages

Hybrid Combination Dryer Packages

How Instrument Air Dryers Work

Instrument air dryers remove moisture from the air used in delicate tools and processes. They work by passing the air through materials that absorb water, like desiccants. This keeps the air dry and prevents damage or errors in sensitive instruments. The dryers are key for industries where pure air is a must. They ensure that equipment stays safe and works right.


Custom Instrument Air Dryer Packages

Ingersoll Rand offers tailored air dryer packages. These come with all needed instruments, controls, and are PLC-based. We handle any environment – from extreme temperatures to explosive conditions. Our packages can be skid-mounted or containerized.


Why Use a Compressed Air Dryer?

For Safety: Moist air can corrode pipes and compressors. Dryers protect by removing humidity, keeping your air clean and safe.

For Reliability: Dryer packages prevent system damage, ensuring smooth and safe operation with high-quality components.

For Quality: Moisture can damage products. Dryers ensure air is dry before use, maintaining product quality.