Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions


Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions has been founded upon three core principles, which run throughout the DNA of our strategic brands: innovation, collaboration, and scale. These themes have run across our business for decades. By combining them and placing them at the heart of IRTS, we can be sure that we always work in close collaboration with our customers to design innovative transportation solutions, which can be manufactured and supplied globally, at scale. That’s what makes us unique in the market. It’s what drives our people on every day, and it’s why some of our customers have been loyal to our brands for decades.



Some businesses work with their customers, understand their needs, design and produce a solution, and then stop. Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions goes further. We aren’t content with simply finding the solution to an existing problem. Instead, we look ahead to anticipate the challenges our customers will face in the future and to design and manufacture solutions which enable them to overcome future challenges – often before they even recognise a problem exists.

Few industries are evolving at quite the pace of the transportation sector. Our pledge to our customers is to guide them through this change, by working together to innovate our portfolio of solutions, and their vehicle performance.


The future of transportation is high performing, efficient and sustainable vehicle solutions that are designed in collaboration with the wider value chain. At IRTS, we recognise that even with our global leading market position, it is impossible for us to know what awaits our customers round the corner, on our own. That’s why we work in partnership with our international customer base, sharing knowledge and pooling resources to create futureproof transportation solutions.

One method through which this is achieved is our D3 initiative, which stands for Design, Develop, Deliver. D3 is a proven process that enables us to work more closely with our partners to aid the creation of more sustainable and effective mobility solutions. The initiative enables us to embrace our entrepreneurial spirit and bring innovation back to the heart of what we do and into the transportation solutions of our customers.


IRTS has a global footprint, with an international team situated in strategic areas, enabling us to provide our innovations to businesses worldwide. As a result, we are able to design and manufacture new products anywhere in the world, and bring them to market at scale, with more than 100 sites and distributors situated across the globe.

For IRTS, scale means more than our geographical reach; it also stands for the expansiveness of our portfolio. From Gardner Denver’s bulk and liquid transfer solutions and electric compressors, EMCO Wheaton’s road tanker equipment and fleet fuelling systems, TODOs dry break couplers, and GHH RAND’s bulk compressor tanker solutions, few businesses can boast both the range and presence as IRTS.


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