Construction & Mining

Mining and construction equipment often works in harsh environments with low or high ambient temperatures and a high relative humidity as well as dust, rain, snow and ice.  Even the type of ground and bedrock can vary dramatically. Some places where this equipment is operated can be corrosive, especially when the mine or site is near the ocean or desert. These circumstances set challenges for compressors.

Pressured air is needed in various applications, such as shotcrete spraying, and explosives charging, end of borehole flushing, rock drilling, and down the hole. Ingersoll Rand’s OEM portfolio has the solution for these and many more mining and construction environments. 

We have over 60 years of experience with Tamrotor products in the construction and mining industry and many more with Ingersoll Rand and GHH Rand. We have a huge range of products that meet the requirements you have for your onboard compressor:

  • Small foot print
  • Operation at various angles
  • Operation in high seismic loading conditions
  • Hydraulic or electrically driven
  • Durable and reliable operation
  • Easy maintenance with high quality manuals
  • Compliance with regulations