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Air Compressors for the Chemical Industry

Compressed air plays a vital role in chemical manufacturing processes. Whether air becomes part of the product itself or is used for product handling, the compressed air equipment faces extraordinary demands due to a corrosive or unstable environment. To ensure product purity & delivery of safe, uncontaminated chemicals to consumers, consistent delivery of high-quality, clean air is imperative. This is made possible with our oil-free solutions.

High-Quality Compressed Air for Chemical Manufacturing Applications

Due to the hazardous materials and products involved, obtaining 100% air purity is crucial in the chemical manufacturing industry. Strict quality controls are a fundamental part of chemical applications to ensure manufacturers provide only the highest quality chemicals to customers. Our range of oil-free solutions makes adhering to these quality regulations easy by ensuring reliable and efficient production of 100% contamination-free air.

High-Quality Compressed Air for Chemical Manufacturing Applications

Application Critical Clean Air & The Consequences of Contamination

Clean air is so important for chemical manufacturing as the presence of any particles, oil, oil vapor or condensation within a compressor system can have a damaging impact on your operations. Costly product waste and production downtime can lead to a decrease in energy efficiency, resulting in you being unable to meet demand. It can also cause other issues, such as damage to your brand reputation and harmed consumers and product liability.


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Oil-Free Air Compressors: The Indisputable Solution for the Chemical Industry

Reliable & Energy Efficient Class 0 Air

Ingersoll Rand offers a range of oil-free solutions ideal for the chemical industry, including oil-free rotary screw & centrifugal models.

Unrivalled Oil-Free Compressor Solutions For Chemical Manufacturing


Compressed air is used in a variety of chemical manufacturing applications, including material handling and pneumatic conveying, nitrogen generation, chemical processes, fermentation and gas compression. Other uses include PET production, creating air curtains and altering chemical composition.

Unrivalled Oil-Free Compressor Solutions
Unrivalled Oil-Free Compressor Solutions For Chemical Manufacturing



Our range of oil-free solutions not only aims to deliver consistent, clean air for chemical manufacturing applications, but they also strive to promote sustainability through their unmatched energy efficiency and reliability. By reducing carbon footprint and decreasing the risk of operational downtime, we are able to offer an economical and environmentally-friendly solution suitable for a range of industrial chemical manufacturing processes.


We also offer a range of compressed air services, such as rental solutions and CARE maintenance plans to help you operate at your most productive with enhanced service efficiency. By making serviceability a priority with Ingersoll Rand, you, in turn, are lowering your cost of ownership by reducing operational and maintenance costs. This way, you can sustainably extend your compressor's life without compromising the quality of your compressed air.


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