At Ingersoll Rand, we offer a wide variety of air compressor accessories designed to enhance your commercial or industrial compressor's performance. By choosing us as your compressed air partner, you can be sure you are complementing your air compressor with the right installation solutions, service and accessories you need to create an efficient, high-performing compressed air system. 


Our accessories enable you to tailor your compressed air system to your exact needs, including your desired air quality and output. Creating a system better suited to your industry or application enables you to operate more energy and cost-efficiently, thus building a long-term solution you can rely on! 


What air compressor accessories do we offer?

Condensate Separators

Ingersoll Rand oil water separators and drain valves help make condensate management easier, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. We offer a variety of drain valve options from timer drains to electronic and pneumatic drain products that ensure no loss of valuable compressed air. Our PolySep Oil Water Separators offer unrivaled performance that can easily separate virtually all lubricants while helping you stay compliant with environmental regulations. 

compressor parts EDV Drain Valve HR
compressor parts NA simplair

Installation Solutions

We offer an extensive range of installation solutions which provide you with everything you need to deliver high-quality compressed air to your point of use. Whether operating in an industrial factory or warehouse environment, commercial workshop or garage, or even using compressed air for your at-home DIY projects, our solutions cover all applications. From receiver tanks to couplings, all the way to field overhaul, cooler and preventative maintenance services, our team of compressed air experts can give you all of the support you need. We also offer our efficient SimpAir compressed air piping, which delivers cost savings at all stages of ownership. Other available accessories include Transformers, Line Reactors, Bolt on VFDs, Energy Recovery Units and Electronic Timer-Controlled Valves

Air Compressor Filters

Filtration systems are crucial to ensure optimal air quality, which is why we have designed a range of efficient air compressor filters you can rely on. Our range includes centrifugal oil filters, NL Module coalescing filters, small reciprocating air filter elements, and chemical air filtration systems. We also offer our F-Series filters, an advanced solution that helps reduce contamination in your air stream. Other available filtration equipment includes our Eco-Spin Inertial Spin filter and HF Main Filter Elements for centrifugal compressors

compressed air treatment F Series Compressed Air Filter
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Air Compressor Dryers

We understand that the continuous production of high-quality compressed air is a vital requirement across most industries so it's critical to include reliable air treatment equipment into your compressed air system. We offer a variety of air compressor dryers that are the perfect complement to your Ingersoll Rand compressors. Not only do our dryer solutions promise the delivery of high-quality air, but they will also enhance the operation of your entire system, improving performance, productivity and efficiency. Our range includes cycling-refrigerated, heated and heatless desiccant, heat-of-compression, non-cycling and subfreezing dryers.

Choose Ingersoll Rand as your one-stop solution for all things compressed air! For more information on any of our available air compressor accessories, contact one of our compressed air experts.