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Portable Air Compressors



Why choose Ingersoll Rand portable air compressors for your business needs?


  • Ingersoll Rand offers a range of low-noise portable air compressors to fulfil your industry, and personal needs
  • A smaller, more compact version of our larger, stationary counterparts - with the same high quality, efficient service
  • Cordless, portable compressors which even work in remote conditions, with no requirement for electricity to power


Portable air compressors are an easy, cordless, compact solution, relied upon by many businesses in a wide range of industries, that allows you to fulfil all of your air compressing requirements - wherever, whenever. Despite being lighter and smaller than their stationary counterparts, they still deliver the same high-quality functionality and highly efficient solutions to satisfy all of your business needs. As a result, they are utilized in a range of industries for applications such as powering pneumatic tools in car systems, construction sites and farms, and air conditioners and pumps.


Portable air compressors have many uses in industries such as:


Portable air compressors are perfect for construction sites as they are a compact way to power various pneumatic tools, such as jackhammers and wrenches. In addition, they come with the added benefit of requiring no electricity to power them, meaning they are suitable for even the harshest environments or conditions.

Construction photo

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is used to power equipment onshore and offshore, allowing for easy and reliable production. In addition, they make up the framework for operating many remote processes, such as oil drilling, installation and removal of reactor rods and controlling valves.


Farmers use portable air compressors constantly to power pneumatic tools, transport feed, crop spraying, and dairy equipment. Their transportable nature, combined with their easy to use technology, makes them completely accessible for all industries and anyone to use.

They are also widely relied upon within the Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical industry. Despite large operators having installed compressor systems, portable models serve as a backup option for emergencies or unexpected changes in demand.

Our solutions are also suitable for DIY projects as their cordless, low-noise operation makes them 100% garden and garage friendly.


What do we offer?

Our range includes a variety of designs, with varying hp and specific uses, as our focus is on adapting our portfolio with your business needs at the centre. Our models include our Twin Stack Small Portable Reciprocating Compressor 2hp, our Garage Mate 2 hp system and our Small Portable Electric Driven (2-3 hp) and Gas Driven (5.5 hp) Wheelbarrow solutions.


Benefits of our Portable air compressors:

  • No requirement for electricity to operate - making them the best option for worksites and remote projects
  • The same functionality and benefits of our larger compressors in a compact system
  • Specifically innovated, high quality, trailer-mounted design which allows you to tow your compressor easily, with little effort
  • They produce less noise, making them perfect for noise-sensitive areas (if this is particularly important to you, we would recommend our portable gas compressor as gas systems are proven to be the quietest models)
  • Compact design allows you to save space when using or storing
  • Easy to use technology makes them adaptable for any application, from DIY projects to more industrial-scale applications


At Ingersoll Rand, we pride ourselves on being accessible whether you are a DIY enthusiast using our system at home in the garden, a construction worker or a larger manufacturing company. That is why we have fully equipped our portable air compressors to be as highly efficient, easy to maintain and use as our larger systems. Engineered with you at the forefront, our solutions promise to be the best choice for you.


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