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Are You Struggling with Production Interruptions Caused by Your Compressed Air System?

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What if you lost your compressed air - how would this affect your production? Do you have a backup strategy? We understand that the delivery of continuous, high-quality compressed air is crucial for the pulp, paper and printing industry as it is the fuel that powers the manufacturing process. Therefore, it's essential that you have a reliable compressed air system in place to prevent production interruptions and ensure your operations are running as efficiently as possible. This is where we come in! At Ingersoll Rand, we offer a complete one-stop solution to all your compressed air needs.

But first, let's go back to those 3 questions to consider your existing compressed air strategy:

1) What if you lost compressed air?
For pulp and paper manufacturing plants, losing compressed air can have significant impacts and cause unexpected, costly downtime.


2) What is your backup strategy?
Do you have spare compressed air equipment, or will you have to rely on rental compressors? Do you have the resources in place to get back up and running quickly in the event of unscheduled downtime? Not having a backup strategy can lead to increased costs and a loss of production. That is why ensuring the compressed air system that powers your pulp and paper operation can cope with any challenges thrown its way is so important!


3) How does this affect your production?
If you suddenly cannot operate equipment and machinery due to a lack of compressed air, you risk shutting down your entire operation. This will also have costly impacts on your pulp and paper facility and your bottom line.


These questions relate to real issues and are exactly why we very often suggest to manufacturers that it's time to build a long-term strategy and solution. The pulp and paper sector tends to rely on a combination of technology and equipment built up over time to fulfill requirements for a myriad of production processes. When developing a strategy for your operations, it’s easy to focus on contingency planning for production equipment. We understand that compressed air probably isn't at the forefront of your mind, given that it is a smaller investment compared to the other significant components essential for pulp, paper and printing processes. However, when you think about the importance of compressed air for your operations and the consequences you face without it, it makes sense to start at the core of your manufacturing processes. We can help you do this by creating an up-to-date, long-term solution that would ultimately save you time, energy and money and help you have peace of mind that your operation is protected.

How Can Ingersoll Rand Help?

Ingersoll Rand offers a complete solution that begins with a thorough air audit of your pulp and paper manufacturing plant. This allows us to quantify your current position, understand your air demands and outline the best steps forward. We can tailor solutions to your needs, from retrofits and overhauls to help bring old equipment new life to total replacement of your compressed air system to remove outdated, inefficient equipment that costs you money and replace it with the latest in energy-efficient technologies. Our experts can advise on an optimized compressed air system to help you achieve your precise operational goals and ensure that you have the compressed air you need to meet the demand of your pulp and paper processes.


By choosing Ingersoll Rand as your compressed air partner, you also gain access to our suite of CARE maintenance packages. These can now include our Helix Connected Platform, an innovative system that allows us to remotely monitor the performance and health of your compressed air system.


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