Dry Bulk Transport Compressors for Road Tankers

GHH RAND® design and develop a range of solutions suitable for installation onto European road tankers to provide pneumatic conveyance of a wide range of dry bulk products. Our range of German engineered, oil-free compressor packages are designed to discharge your bulk materials at optimum rates, offering clean, safe, and reliable performance day in, day out.

Plug & Play Solutions

Configured To Requirement


Maximum Reliability

For maximum efficiency when transporting materials, air compressor technology is the most relied upon method. Our range of rotary screw compressor packages provide excellent discharge times alongside a low life cost, offering plug and play performance to our customers without needing expensive routine maintenance and checks.


Our solutions are available in a range of packages including belt-driven and In-Chassis versions to best suit your product discharge requirements. Each of our compressors feature a highly efficient, dry-running airend that is optimised to offer the very best contaminant free performance to protect your payload.

Our packaged solutions include Standard, LITE, In-Chassis and our Intercooled solution. Each one is designed and developed specifically with the needs of the customer in mind to provide a product that is fully assembled and ready to install, saving you time and money.

Our product range also includes our new truck mounted compressor, the CS1200 Intercooled LITE (ICL). Featuring the latest generation of the CS104 airend, our highly efficient air cooler, and our reactive silencer in one, lightweight package, the CS1200 ICL provides an optimised solution for temperature sensitive bulk transfer.

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Our product selection is tailored to your applications with an assortment of different drive solutions, offering a host of benefits to the user including easy installation, low discharge times, reduced noise, and minimal weights. These benefits, together with high levels of reliability and a well positioned and comprehensive network of certified sales & service partners, provide you with a trouble free installation and complete peace of mind.

Our screw compressors are suitable for conveying a range of products including, but not limited to:


 Flour, Sugar, Salt, Soda, Cement, Sand, Plastic Pellets, Powdered Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Materials, Animal Feed, Wood Pellets, Lime, Plaster and many more.

Our Range of Dry Bulk Transport Solutions