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What is Ground Support Equipment?

GSE includes a variety of vehicles and portable machines that support the operations of an aircraft on the ground. This covers everything from powerful tugs that move aircraft into position, to refueling vehicles that ensure planes have the necessary fuel for their journeys. Carts for luggage, tank vehicles for transporting liquids, and a variety of other service-oriented equipment fall under this category, making GSE a broad term for the tools that keep flights on schedule. Ground support equipment is often powered by diesel engines known for their durability and strength.

The Importance of Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

Aircraft ground support equipment is critical for the smooth functioning of both commercial and military aviation. Without GSE, cargo loading and unloading, passenger boarding, refueling, and maintenance checks would be impossible to carry out efficiently. These tasks are fundamental to the aviation industry, as they ensure the safety, punctuality, and reliability of flights. 

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Air Start Unit Compressors

The compressors from Ingersoll Rand OEM Solutions are designed to meet the demanding requirements of Air Start Units (ASU) used in the aviation industry. These ASUs are critical for starting aircraft engines by providing a controlled burst of hot compressed air necessary to initiate the combustion process.

The ASU compressors designed by Ingersoll Rand OEM Solutions are capable of delivering air at the precise pressure of 2.95 barg (42.5 psig). This is crucial to ensure the right amount of force and volume of air is supplied to the air motor of the ASU, which in turn spins the jet engine to start it. Precise control over air pressure is essential for the proper operation of the ASU and the safe starting of the aircraft engine.

For jet starting, the air compressors from Ingersoll Rand OEM Solutions can operate at high speeds for short durations, typically between 2 to 8 minutes, which is the necessary time frame for firing up a jet engine. After the initial start-up, the compressor can continue to run at normal operational speeds to supply air packs on the aircraft, which are used for various functions, including environmental control systems that manage cabin pressure and temperature.

The ability of these compressors to transition from high-speed operation for engine starting to standard operational speeds for ongoing aircraft support showcases their versatility and reliability. Ingersoll Rand OEM Solutions’ commitment to quality ensures that their compressors can withstand the rigorous conditions and frequent use seen in airport environments, making them a trusted component in the GSE toolkit.

Bottle Air Start Compressors

Ingersoll Rand OEM Solutions’ expertise in ground support extends to our 7T2 and 15T2 reciprocating compressors, which are specifically designed for bottle Air Start Unit (ASU) applications. These robust units charge air receivers up to 500 PSI at a controlled pace, storing the pressurized air until it's needed to start an aircraft's engine.
Used mainly for smaller jets, these compressors are electrically charged and provide a powerful yet controlled release of air through the motor, helping to spin the jet engine to life. While they are not designed for continuous flow - meaning they don't run non-stop - they are engineered to deliver a reliable burst of air precisely when required.

Nitrogen Generation

Ingersoll Rand OEM Solutions provides practical solutions for creating nitrogen. This safe and non-flammable gas is used in many areas of aviation. Our equipment produces nitrogen right where it's needed, which is handy for tasks like purging fuel tanks to prevent fires.

Our oil-free air ends are paired with special filters called membrane systems. These systems work together to take nitrogen out of the air and supply it where it's needed. This on-site production of nitrogen is very useful because it means ground crews can get the gas quickly and easily, without waiting for deliveries.

Nitrogen is important for safety in the aviation industry. It's used to fill up the space in fuel tanks to stop any chance of fire while maintenance is going on. Our air ends are trusted by many in the field because they are reliable and make sure there is a steady supply of nitrogen gas whenever it's needed.

Ingersoll Rand OEM Solutions provides not just the tools, but also the help and parts that customers need to keep everything running smoothly. This ensures that airlines and maintenance teams can do their work safely and efficiently with our nitrogen generation units. 

Comprehensive Support for Your Ground Support Equipment Needs

Beyond our high-quality ground support equipment, Ingersoll Rand OEM Solutions brings an unmatched level of technical support and expertise to the table. We ensure that our customers have everything they need to keep their operations running smoothly, including a wide range of aftermarket parts like couplings and adaptors. Our commitment to your success is reflected in our responsive technical service and the reliable supply of essential spare parts.