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Lubricants for Tanker Applications

SILOL® is GHH RAND’s® high-performance lubricant specifically engineered for dry bulk screw compressors in the tanker truck market. This lubricant has many advantages including its excellent cold-start behaviour and high temperature stability. SILOL® maintains its outstanding performance throughout a wide range of ambient temperatures, outperforming regular mineral oils. It also has many benefits when compared to other lubricants with different chemical compositions.

High Performance


Low Maintenance

Wide Operating Conditions

German Engineered Lubricant

Our expert application engineering team have designed and developed an oil that will offer the very best results for your application. GHH RAND strongly recommends the use of our SILOL® lubricant to support and enhance your rotary screw compressor for maximum longevity and performance.

Wide Variation of Temperature Changes

SILOL® is ideally suited for the dry bulk road transport market as it is suitable for use across a wide variation of temperature changes. High thermal, oxidative and chemical stability alongside excellent cold-start behaviour make it ideal for extremities encountered within transport applications.

Minimum Maintenance Requirements

Lubricant change recommendation is doubled from 6 to 12 months when SILOL® is used exclusively so routine maintenance requirements are extremely low when compared with competing lubricants which, at times, require initial services after a matter of hours.

Extended Warranty

We are confident when it comes to our lubricants high-performance characteristics and so will extend your warranty from 12 to 24 months when you exclusively use our SILOL® lubricant products.

Protection from Corrosion & Reduction of Residues

Only utilisation of SILOL® oils guarantees optimum compressor gearbox lifetime and performance as it offers excellent wear protection and reduced corrosion. Use of a conventional branded oil can lead to surfaces becoming heavily contaminated, especially with congealed low-grade motor oil.

SILOL® Applications

SILOL® air compressor oil is recommended for all dry bulk applications aside from those where contaminant sensitive products are being conveyed where we would recommend SILOL® FG as a further-enhanced alternative.

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