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ETA2 Torque Analyzer

The Ingersoll Rand ETA Series Expert Torque Analyzers are designed for use with a broad range of transducers to dynamically measure and record the torque output of all types of fastening tools, including pulse tools. The ETA2 Torque Analyzer has full statistical capability and all data can be downloaded to a computer or printer via the RS232 port. 

The full line of joint kits facilitates testing of fastening tools in the tool crib, quality lab or on the line. Bring your tool crib or quality check torque process up to date with the latest digital technology. The Electronic Torque Analyzer offers you all the equipment required to test both your tools used on line and your torque wrenches used to monitor the quality of joints. The ETA Series of products offers stationary transducers that mount to a table or cart, rotary transducers to use right on the job, and joint kits to simulate a variety of conditions from hard to soft joints. 

The unit is capable of reading in four different modes to cover a variety of tools such as standard air tools, pulse tools, and click wrenches. The ETA2 is designed to be compatible and easy to use in most of the world, with a charger equipped with three different adapters and its ability to measure nine different units of measure.


Model Specifications