QX Series™ Ergonomic Tightening Systems


What is ETS ( Ergonomic Tightening System)


ETS stands for “Ergonomic Tightening System”

QX + ETS delivers all the performance & control features of the standard QX Series ™ precision fastening tools, with an improved ergonomic benefit. It significantly reduces the average amount of force experienced by the operator during the tightening process.

Why ETS ( Ergonomic Tightening System)

When ETS is Active, the operator’s arm movement is limited to a series of smaller movements instead of one large movement.

This enables the operator to stay in control and in the 'power zone', reducing the chance for injury caused by quick, excessive movement.

Simple to Setup Modes for your Application Needs


In addition to direct drive mode, each QX + ETS tool offers 3 additional pre-configured tightening modes, which can be independently assigned for each tool configuration - according to the needs of each application:

Ergonomic Mode

Lowest energy pulses. Ideal for hard joints or when arm, wrist and/or tool angles are most difficult

Performance Mode

Medium energy pulses, best all-purpose mode

Productivity Mode

Highest energy pulses and is the fastest mode, ideal for soft joints or when high production rates are required.

QX-ETS Comparison Video with Standard Mode