Service & Support for OEM Compressors

Our customers’ benefit from our experience, operational excellence and global balance is the base of our good reputation. Therefore, we offer long term commitment to our customers.

We take responsibility of our solutions and products through their entire lifecycle. Our unique engineering services, innovative components, valuable maintenance support, spare parts and lubricants are the corner stone of our full lifecycle solutions. Using genuine OEM parts provides optimum value to you, maximizing uptime and overall productivity.

We maintain stock of original spare parts and exchange air ends in order to meet your demand. We also have a comprehensive range of rebuild kits and consumables. Please contact us to learn more about our factory rebuild service.

Our dedicated team of specialists would be happy to help you with any specific aftermarket requirement you may have. 

Reminder, our aftermarket services are only for our direct OEM customers. If you need spare parts for equipment that is made by our OEM customers, please contact the company that made the full machine or sold the machine to you. Unfortunately, we only sell spare parts to our direct customers. 

If you are looking for Ingersoll Rand parts or services other than our OEM Solutions offering, please enter Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor Parts & Accessories