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Silent Air Compressor

How to Eliminate Unnecessary Noise with Low-noise Air Compressor Solutions?

  • Air compressors are often known as being noisy additions to the working environment which can lead to inefficient communication, decreasing the safety of your operations
  • To eliminate unnecessary noise during a multitude of operations, you can opt for a low-noise air compressor solution
  • At Ingersoll Rand, we offer a range of silent air compressor systems that guarantee quiet operation to suit your industry and application needs

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Air compressor systems often carry the reputation of being a noisy addition to the working environment. Operation in these loud conditions for many hours a day can lead to ineffective communication and, therefore, the risk of incorrect messages being shared amongst employees. At Ingersoll Rand, we fully recognize this and the impact it can have on your efficiency and productivity as well as the safety of your operations. Therefore we are proud to offer a market-leading, innovative range of low-noise systems to eliminate unnecessary shop noise whilst still allowing your operations to run effectively. Our variety of silent solutions can be flexibly matched to your application, and industry needs to guarantee you some well-needed peace and quiet.

Silent air compressors are designed and manufactured with noise-isolating and reducing features that eliminate sound output to ensure quiet working conditions. As a result, they are ideal for operation in a workshop, in a garage, on construction sites and even in certain factory environments. Low-noise compressor systems are also renowned for their ability to produce clean, uncontaminated air, as most of them operate without any oil. 

Below are some of our silent and low-noise air compressor solutions perfect for your industry and application needs:


Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressors:

Our range of Oil-Free Scroll solutions is renowned for creating a healthy working environment due to their improved lower sound levels. In addition, their fewer moving parts mean lower levels of vibration, helping to decrease further the amount of noise produced. Our portfolio of Oil-Free Scroll systems is adaptable to a range of industries and applications, such as brewery, electronics and bottling, as well as used in hospitals, labs and universities. They thrive in environments where low-noise operation, stringent air quality and a low footprint are critical.

Aluminum Reciprocating Air Compressors 2-10 hp:

Whether you need a silent operation or heavy-duty performance, our Ingersoll Rand Aluminum Reciprocating Air Compressors leverage an innovative design that promotes reliability, productivity and efficiency. They are suitable for both professional and industrial applications due to our flexible design options, which allow you to tailor your compressor to your specific application needs. One of these options is innovative low-noise technology that helps to eliminate any unnecessary or unwanted noise in the workplace.

Portable Air Compressors:

If you are looking for a flexible, silent air compressor that delivers whenever and wherever you need it, we recommend our expertly designed range of portable air compressors. They boast all of the efficiency found in our larger models in a smaller, more compact system. They are utilized in a range of industries for applications such as powering pneumatic tools in car  systems, construction sites and farms, and in air conditioners and pumps. They are the perfect solution to eliminate noise in the working environment to ensure minimal distraction and effective communication. We would specifically propose our portable gas compressor for particularly noise-sensitive areas as gas systems have been proven among the industry to be the quietest models.

At Ingersoll Rand, we have a highly skilled team of experts who can match one of these models, or suggest alternatives, to suit your specific application and industry needs. For more information or to enquire about our silent air compressors, please contact us here.



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