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Helix™ Connected Platform: Maximize Uptime with 24/7 Remote Monitoring

Downtime is the enemy of productivity. While there’s no magic wand to eliminate any occurrence of operational problems or maintenance emergencies, we’ve now got the next best thing built right into our compressors. The Helix™ Connected Platform from Ingersoll Rand is a new feature that delivers continuous real-time monitoring to enable maximum operational uptime.


At the heart of Helix™ monitoring, advanced sensors inside the compressor sends data on a regular basis to our cloud-based platform that you can access anytime. Collected asset data is reviewed and analyzed. Through proactive service reminders and automated communications, the Helix™ Connected Platform simplifies maintenance by informing you of potential issues before they happen.


When Helix™ monitoring detects an issue, we send you notifications via email, text message and/or online customer portal. As applicable under your service agreement, we will automatically initiate action to correct the issue. In testing the Helix™ Connected Platform, we found that in several cases our monitors were able to detect a problem and dispatch a technician to resolve it before the facility managers even knew there was a problem. We estimate that our CARE™ suite of maintenance program customers equipped with the Helix™ Connected Platform will now have issues resolved about 25% faster than they would on their own.


The Helix™ Connected Platform is designed to be a worry-free solution, taking on the burden of monitoring your compressor system so you don’t have to. Even so, if you’re more interested in actively keeping an eye on system performance, you have a wealth of data at your fingertips through the Helix™ online customer portal.


Dashboard insights and diagnostic reporting can help you know how your equipment is functioning and consider preventive steps. You may learn that excessive cycling is causing detrimental effects, or identify the need for a new tank, or gauge more precisely when to schedule oil and filter changes. In short, you will now have the same level of detailed visibility into your equipment that we as the manufacturer have in our own development facilities.


The Helix™ Connected Platform comes factory-installed on select new Ingersoll Rand compressors. Eligible compressors covered by CARE™ suite of maintenance programs can be upgraded with Helix™ connectivity.


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