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Why choose an Ingersoll Rand air compressor?


  • Ingersoll Rand has been at the forefront of air compressor innovation for over 145 years
  • A comprehensive range to suit your business needs
  • Superior components, OEM parts and lubricants, backed by a global parts and services organization


A quick internet search for air compressors for sale will bring up choices so numerous and vague as to baffle the searcher. At Ingersoll Rand, our clarity, expertise and understanding of the needs of your business make our range of air compressors, partner products and services, ideally placed to help you find the best tools and equipment for the job.


Before you invest in an air compressor, it is advisable to fully understand what the compressor must do and the technologies available to make that process as efficient and straightforward as possible.


Ingersoll Rand: Types of Air Compressor:


Available in single-stage and two-stage variants, these versatile products are ideally suited to home DIY projects and auto body shops. With portable and lubricated options in the range, these compressors also benefit from easy and fast maintenance with renewable components, ensuring their longevity.

reciprocating compressor
Oil Flooded Air Compressor

Oil-Flooded (lubricated) Rotary Screw

Built to carry a heavier load than a reciprocating compressor, the oil-flooded rotary screw product range leads in processes where clean air is not necessary. This product has a wide range of industrial applications including, industrial refrigeration systems and powering pneumatic tools.


In industries such as food and beverage production, electronics and pharmaceuticals, oil-free compressors ensure compliance with the legal standards of air sanitation throughout the process. Our range comprises fixed and variable speed options that are simple and serviceable by design.

Rotary screw oil free air compressor


Delivering a high HP per unit of space and weight, these compressors excel in specialisms such as air separation, high flow rate gas lift services and blow molding – reliable, durable and low maintenance.

Process gas

As the name suggests, these compressors are dedicated to processes inherent to the LNG, oil and gas industrial sectors, built to withstand long durations of higher flow, higher pressure and process gas applications.

mpgasc Compressor-Teaser
PET Air Compressor

PET Compressed Air Solutions

As unique to the PET bottle manufacturing sector they serve, our robust, four-stage reciprocating and four-stage centrifugal compressors utilize our advanced technologies. As a result, they provide the optimum efficiency in challenging conditions you'd expect from Ingersoll Rand, all with 100% oil-free air to meet the ISO Class 0 certification.

Before you make your Ingersoll Rand compressed air choice


The capacity, delivery and power source for your chosen product should be additional factors in your considerations.


Tank size: A large tank size will hold a higher pressure (PSI) for longer but have you got the space for it and any parts like the hose and piping configuration?

HP: Horsepower, how much power output your compressor motor generates. The greater the HP, the better the PSI.

PSI: The bigger your PSI, the more compressed air your tank will hold compared to its size.

CFM: This figure denotes the amount of air being delivered by your configuration. You'll need a higher CFM to support a greater number of tools.

Electric: Commonly used in ventilated spaces, electrically powered compressors offer reduced noise levels to their fossil fuel-powered counterparts but are not recommended for outdoor use.

Gas: Higher maintenance than the diesel options, gas-fuelled compressors are still lighter and quieter, with more control over the engine.

Diesel: Offering the most power output, the diesel-run compressor is built to take on the biggest jobs inside or out. Whilst noise and emissions odor might be a concern, fuel costs are lower.


Ingersoll Rand - your Compressor Solution


Whether you're looking to buy new, reinvigorate or update your current operation, Ingersoll Rand's team of experts and 'total solutions' approach to parts and service are here to help. We understand the demands of your industry and are committed to your success.


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